Monday, 25 May 2015

Celebration of Grad 2015 by Bowling Game

On 22nd May 2015, After intensive work of the week, all personnel of CMU were invited in small celebration of Masters Class 2015 at Bowling Centre in Kigali. We, (Students, faculties and staffs) went for bowling in the evening by bus. It was fun even in the journey since I was excited for bowling as first time. During journey, I had chat with one MIT alumnus PhD student regarding various fields.

It feels great that CMU-R has some event every weekend which refreshes all of us. We reached at spot and introduced each other since many students weren't present on previous trip. We got ready by putting on Bowling shoes. Few of us were also first timer like me. And we started in different teams of six people. I played very well considering first time experience.

In first game, I performed getting 3rd place with other Pro students after obtaining one strike and one spare ( which was awesome with 8+2 pins ). In second game I played in place of other friend, and improved her game by getting the 4th position with one spare. I loved the game but it makes your fingers in pain. And Awesome experience !!

Here are few snapshots. I am sorry for blurred images.

After trying hand with Bowling, We played Ping Pong (Table Tennis). It was different name and I heard first time. We played and I lose both games of 5 points. It was also good since other friends cheered continuously for a small game.

Thanks again for visiting this Public Diary of Ashok Tak.