Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Culture of CMU Rwanda

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Rwanda is one of the international campuses of CMU Pittsburgh, USA.

I feel fortunate to be hired as Intern to pursue Research in Microgrid development and applying Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to energy systems.
    Regarding Culture of CMU, It can be figured out by single quote of its founder 'Andrew Carnegie'.
                                     My heart is in the Work ~ Andrew Carnegie 

 Every person at CMU is so diligent and dedicated to his/her own work and enjoy doing every single job but at same time all employees and students don't miss any chance to have fun during working hours. I enjoy each and every moment of being in office during day and meeting new people during breaks. Here, everybody is like a friend irrespective of age, position etc. All CMUrns are being called by his/her first name, weather he is either director or student. I was shocked by this but I like this culture.

There are a lot of facilites for students, employees and faculties in the single building. The office rooms, student launge, food center. And all different rooms of the building is fully secured with access gates opened using personalized access cards. It's bit annoying but necessary too.

Telecom House (CMU-R Building) during evening

Outside View of Kigali from my office room at Telecom House

Being a student cum employee of CMU, I enjoy each and every moment with people around here. The faculties are much friendly and also very knowledgeable in his / her own interesting areas with great research depth. I enjoy the time talking with them in every meeting. Also, acedemic staffs are very helpful for solving any problem instantly.

Really, I am pretty sure that this summer will be awesome and enjoyable with CMU family in the land of 1000 hills ~ Rwanda.

I also wish you great time with full of happy moments.